Prepare your home for Twilight Photography

Prepping a Home for Twilight Photography

  1. Please be sure to remove any child or pet toys from the exterior
  2. Make sure garden hoses, lawn mowers, etc. are neatly stowed.
  3. Please move all vehicles into the garage or on to the street at least one house away.
  4. Lawn should be well manicured.
  5. Please open all window coverings, blinds should be lifted to the tops of the windows.
  6. Turn on everything that has a light bulb, both inside and out.
  7. When the photographer arrives, he will notify you of his presence, while he is shooting you will need to stay clear of the window.
  1. Once the photographer has completed the shoot, he will notify you that he is finished.


  1. Ideally, Twilight photography is done on a partly cloudy evening.
  2. We typically try to wait for the right conditions and will schedule the same day when the weather forecast looks promising. If a shoot must be scheduled in less than ideal conditions, we will manipulate the image in our editing software. However, good weather conditions are always going to produce a better-looking image.